Amputee Rehabilitation

Treatment and strategies to help individuals with limb loss

Kessler Rehabilitation Center focuses on the needs and goals of those impacted by upper and lower extremity limb loss. Our team is passionate about building trust and providing care to children and adults in a positive, healing environment. 

Your care begins with a conversation about your individual needs, whether that be pre-prosthetic management or training. Our experienced licensed physical and/or occupational therapists then tailor a treatment plan to target strength, balance, prosthetic gait training and other specific challenges. Our goal is help you achieve your greatest level of comfort, confidence and independence.

Customized prosthetics to meet your needs 

We work with advanced technologies including electronically-powered myoelectric prostheses, hybrid systems that combine myoelectric and body-control features as well as mechanical and micro-processor components for knees and feet.

We focus on:

  • Skin care, nutrition and wellness education
  • Community reintegration skills
  • Driver education
  • Mobility and self-care
  • Pain management
  • Peer support
  • Prosthetic management
  • Residual limb care
  • Gait training and fall prevention

Getting a prosthesis is a life-changing event and we are here to support and educate you throughout the process.

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