Joint Replacement

Returning to your everyday life after surgery

With guidance and a recommendation from your physician, joint replacement surgery can combat arthritis in the body, especially in the hips, knees and shoulders. If you and your physician determine that joint replacement surgery is for you, we are your physical therapy partner during the recovery process.

Our expert team of physical therapists is dedicated to helping you return to daily life pain-free after joint replacement. For some people, this means performing household chores — vacuuming or washing dishes — without pain. For other patients, it means getting back to golf, tennis and hiking, picking up grandchildren or traveling.

We will work closely with you to:

  • Return to your normal activities
  • Achieve your highest level of independence and freedom of motion
  • Return you to your favorite hobbies and interests (or new interests)

We will help you identify your goals and achieve them following replacement surgery. Find a location near you.

What to expect

Physical therapy is vital after surgery, because it helps restore your strength, balance and flexibility. When you visit our team, we work with you to understand your lifestyle, health history and overall goals and create a physical therapy program that meets your specific needs and situation. 

The program will provide a variety of strength and flexibility exercises and an estimated recovery timeline — which varies depending on your age, condition and lifestyle. You may also be given weekly at home  exercises for up to six months following your center visits. 

Our clinical team is committed to helping throughout your recovery process. Our goal is to build a relationship in which you feel comfortable asking us questions and we’re able to work together to ensure the best recovery possible.

Recover from Joint Replacement with Tailored Therapy