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West Orange, NJ
“Everyone that I’ve worked with at Kessler has made a huge impact in my life and recovery. All the successful therapy has been key to my recovery, especially with the support and the motivation everyone gives me...each one of them has gone above and beyond in order for me to be the way I am now in just six months.”

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Montvale, NJ
“Two years ago, I had a stress fracture of the second metatarsal of my right foot. I went to Kessler Rehabilitation Center and, almost immediately, began gaining strength. Although I was back to ‘full-on’ dancing in three months, I’ve continued to go to Kessler to become even stronger through the physical therapy services there. I’m so thankful for the whole Kessler team and how much they care about me being the best ballerina that I can be!”


Howell, NJ
“I came to Kessler for occupational therapy after surgery on a badly smashed hand. There was no telling how long my hand would take to heal or if I would have meaningful use of it again. My therapist helped me go from having a useless hand to getting back to work quicker than I could have hoped. My hands are my living as a tugboat captain and I’m sure my hand would be in much worse condition without the team at Kessler. I am grateful to have found them.”


Pine Beach, NJ
“After being electrocuted and losing function of my arm and hand, I hit an all-time low in my life, worried I may never be able to get back to what I love doing. With the skilled practices and persistent measures my therapists took to assure my recovery, I did it! Thanks to the therapists at Kessler, I’ve regained most of my everyday motions and am now able to return to work on an ambulance, helping people in their time of need... just like Kessler helped me in my time of need.”


West Orange, NJ
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Allendale, NJ
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Lebanon, NJ
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Belmar, NJ
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Union, NJ
“After suffering for more than a year with severe shoulder pain leaving me unable to work or be active, I was finally diagnosed with a torn labrum. I underwent surgery (arthroscopic labral repair) in August and shortly after, began therapy at Kessler - Union. Jill, Christina and Alina did an amazing job helping and supporting me through my recovery. After 3 months of physical therapy, I made incredible progress. They helped me improve my range of motion and strength as well as introduce me to a CrossFit gym where I now continue to improve my strength.”

“Five months after my surgery I am stronger than I was before my injury. I am doing things that I have never been able to do thanks to my team of therapists and coaches. They are always available if I need them when I have questions about my recovery. I would recommend Kessler to anyone who needs PT and I owe them tons of thanks for the progress I’ve made.”


Maywood, NJ
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Asbury, NJ
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Long Branch, NJ
“In January of this year, I fell in my home and sustained 4th and 5th metacarpal fractures, which led to severe edema, pain, loss of motion, strength and function in my dominant right hand. I was completely devastated. There would be no more yoga for me...for a while....and besides the obvious physical limitations, I was deeply affected psychologically by my inability to go to work or participate in yoga.”

“All that changed once I began to receive treatment from Andrea Garcia, MSW, OTR/L – center manager of Kessler in Howell, NJ. Once under her care, there was never a doubt in my mind about a full recovery and a return to my beloved yoga practice. Andrea listened attentively and with an obvious compassion to my goals... answered all of my questions about the injury...and encouraged me to work hard toward regaining the strength and function in my hand. I knew immediately that I was in the right spirits were lifted and I knew I was on my way.”

“I have been in Andrea's care now since the middle of May, and it’s been a wonderful journey. She tailored my home care to my love of yoga and ALWAYS encouraged me to push to the next level. Each time I left the center after working with her, my hand and wrist were without the usual stiffness and tension, and eventually I began to grow stronger and stronger.”

“As I write this today, I am once again participating in my favorite advanced yoga classes, performing challenging arm balances and even handstands!  Beginning next week, I will be able to participate in an intensive yoga teacher training that is 5 days per week, 5 hours per day.  I feel as though Andrea gave me my life back and would like to also acknowledge Leslie, Amanda and the rest of the Howell team, whose positivity and kindness I am grateful for.”

“Kessler Rehabilitation Center in Howell has a wonderful upbeat vibe and is staffed with specialists who are always happy to help. Thank you to everyone who contributed to my healing!”


Roselle Park, NJ
“I suffered a back injury while playing, I thought my days of soccer, my favorite hobby, were over. I started my rehabilitation at Kessler and to my great surprise, with a few weeks of outstanding treatment provided by my therapist, I was right back on the soccer field and stronger than ever! Thank you Kessler for such a great service and for putting me right back to doing what I love, playing soccer.”


Union, NJ
“Thanks to the wonderful and professional therapists at Kessler, I'm almost better than new after my hip replacement surgery. I first hobbled in on crutches; now just a few months after surgery due to their dedication, knowledge and care, I've been able to return to my favorite activities — walking my dogs and bowling.”


Middletown, NJ
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Howell, NJ
“The team at Kessler recognized and showed appreciation for the person I was. [Because of] their professionalism and never-ending encouragement, I never gave up on myself.”


Old Tappan, NJ
“The staff at Kessler is extremely supportive and encouraging. I cannot believe how much progress I have made in only a short period of time and it is due to their individual care and concern. I look forward to my weekly sessions and truly believe that I will be as good as new in the end thanks to them!”


Ringwood, NJ
“I wanted to thank you for helping me get my ankle issues straightened out. I was able to run my first 5K this Saturday! I finished in just over 35 minutes, which was slightly better than I had projected.”


Fair Lawn, NJ
“I started my inpatient rehabilitation at Kessler Institute to treat my arms and legs, which were just about paralyzed. A few months later, I started my outpatient rehabilitation and am now back to riding my motorcycle. How great is that?! Kessler is a great place.”


Nutley, NJ
“Thanks to the outstanding professionalism, dedication, expertise in their field and commitment to their patients, the therapists at Kessler Rehabilitation Center have kept me on my bike and cycling through some very turbulent times. Three hand surgeries in three years, as well as a shoulder injury within that same time span, proved to be no match for this team of experts and I am grateful to say the least. A very special thank you to [my] Kessler team for all their help and support. I have and will continue to recommend Kessler to others in need of OT/PT without reservation.”


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