Specialized Injury Care

  • Functional Capacity Evaluations

    The Kessler Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is an objective, comprehensive assessment of an individual's current functional ability level. FCEs are appropriate for post-injury management and return-to-work decisions, as well as baseline tests for new employees. FCEs can be used to see if a person can meet the physical requirements of a specific job or for disability ratings.

    Kessler FCE Standards

    • Certified Clinical Providers
    • Peer Review Research
    • Quality Assurance
    • Legal Defensibility
    • Standardized Testing Protocols
    • National Network
    • Objectivity
    • Objective Outcomes

    Work Conditioning

    The Kessler Work Conditioning is a comprehensive treatment program designed to restore an individual's physical strength and functional capacity for safe return to work. An individual functional assessment is performed and the results are used to design a progressive full body conditioning program specific to their return to work goals. These specialized programs are performed for 2-4 hours a day for up to 5 days a week to simulate work demands and to combat the deconditioning that occurs when the injured worker has been off work or on light duty for long periods. Provided by physical or occupational therapists, Kessler work conditioning programs are customized to the needs of the injured worker.

    Outcomes / Data Analysis

    Kessler is proud of our ability to provide evidence-based care by therapists with advanced training and clinical expertise. Kessler has a unique program enabling us to report outcomes and therapy utilization specific to the employer, case manager or insurance company's workers' comp claimants.