Proactive Injury Prevention

  • POETs - Post Offer Employment Testing

    Kessler provides Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists certified by Worksteps, Workwell and Advanced Ergonomics to administer the screens based on the essential job requirements as outlined in the Functional Job Description. Kessler partners with industry leaders to develop Post Offer of Employment tests that meet the stringent legal requirements set forth by the EEOC.

    Preventative Educational Programs

    Kessler offers classes that cover smart ergonomics, importance of flexibility, proper posture, and body mechanics. Our therapists evaluate the risk factors involved in work and customize the information specifically for your workers' needs.

    Kessler's specialized Physical and Occupational Therapists provide customized, educational and interactive classes on:

    • Back Care & Injury Prevention (Back School)
    • Upper-extremity and repetitive-motion injury prevention
    • Injury Prevention & Work Safety
    • Proper Lifting and Body Mechanics
    • Postural stretching and exercise program

    Ergonomic Assessments

    Ergonomics is the study and management of the physical interaction of workers with their tools, machines and environment. The primary objectives are to improve worker performance and safety by fitting the workplace to the worker and to minimize the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.

    Kessler provides a licensed multidisciplinary team of therapists to provide the evaluation and make recommendations for intervention and education. Kessler utilizes national resources of specialists in ergonomics and cumulative trauma prevention.

    Available Services

    • Ergonomics assessments to analyze and improve the fit between worker and workstation, instruction in safe work techniques and evaluation of tools, equipment and adaptive devices.
    • Job analysis to document strain index and job requirements and assess degree of risk associated with the development of cumulative-trauma disorders, strain index.
    • Development of ergonomics programs and processes, including written programs, program audit tools, training materials, ergonomics job descriptions for return-to-work, job rotation schedules, etc.


    For more information on any of Kessler WorkStrategies® services, please call (866) 33-REHAB.