Education and Seminars

  • Kessler's Sports Education Specialists can help you reduce the risk of injuries in young athletes, as well as educate coaches and training staff on sports-specific safety and training tips to help achieve maximum results. All presenters are licensed clinicians, and each presentation can be tailored to meet your program's specific needs. Here is a partial list of available topics:

    • Concussions: Signs, Symptoms, and Effects
    • Repetitive Sports Injuries & Prevention
    • Cheerleading Safety
    • Sports-Specific Balance Activities
    • Vision Coordination Exercises
    • Core Strengthening
    • Stretching and Warm-up Routines
    • ACL Injuries & Prevention
    • Weightlifting Tips and Information
    • Golf: Strengthening & Increased Range of Motion
    • ...and more!

    Each program can be customized for coaches, athletes, parents, trainers & nurses. For more information, or to schedule an event at your school, please contact:

    Rich Romano, Director of Business Development
    (201) 531-2526

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