Success Stories

  • chris r
    Union, NJ

    "After suffering for more than a year with severe shoulder pain leaving me unable to work or be active, I was finally diagnosed with a torn labrum. I underwent surgery (arthroscopic labral repair) in August and shortly after, began therapy at Kessler - Union. Jill, Christina and Alina did an amazing job helping and supporting me through my recovery. After 3 months of physical therapy, I made incredible progress. They helped me improve my range of motion and strength as well as introduce me to a CrossFit gym where I now continue to improve my strength.

    "Five months after my surgery I am stronger than I was before my injury. I am doing things that I have never been able to do thanks to my team of therapists and coaches. They are always available if I need them when I have questions about my recovery. I would recommend Kessler to anyone who needs PT and I owe them tons of thanks for the progress I’ve made."