News Jun 10, 2024

Kessler Rehabilitation Center Hits a Home Run Partnership with New Jersey Amateur Baseball League


New Jersey Amateur Baseball League logo,

Kessler Rehabilitation Center is thrilled to announce its sponsorship of the New Jersey Amateur Baseball League (NJABL), part of the company's community outreach efforts.

The NJABL is an adult baseball league with the goal of offering the most complete amateur league experience in the state. The NJABL, where all teams are treated like champions, is a local, family-oriented organization.

“With this sponsorship, we will reinforce our commitment to helping athletes of all levels recover from injuries, prevent future ones and reach their full potential on and off the field,” said Chris Meny, business development manager, Kessler Rehabilitation Center.

Kessler Rehabilitation Center offers sports medicine programs tailored to the physical demands of active people – athletes of different levels, the weekend warrior, the performing artist or the competitive athlete.